Climate & Location

New Zealand's Canterbury Plains is world renowned for arable and small seed production. Growers are equipped with a vast array of cultivating, planting, spraying and harvesting equipment along with reliable irrigation, a temperate climate and a suitable range of soil types to match crop needs.

South Pacific Seeds Ltd's head office and seed processing facility is located in Methven, in the centre of the Canterbury Plains. The South Island is long and narrow, and offers a large range of climatic and latitude environments. Canterbury lies within the 43-degree south latitude line, a location comparable with Northern Italy in Europe and the Williamette Valley in the United States.

The climate of Eastern New Zealand is strongly influenced by a large mountain range to the west and the nearby ocean to the East. The long coastline provides a moderating influence to the climate and allows plants to endure the winter, and still be vernalised.

The average summer temperature is 22°C, night temperatures are between 12°C and 15°C. Winter temperatures are up to 12°C to 14°C during the day with nighttime lows of -5°C in the very cold periods.