Our Team

Each member of our team plays an important part to getting high quality hybrid vegetable seed delivered to our customers. Our growers work with the Field Managers to organize each productions needs. The administration team communicates with the customers to prepare the contracts and pass on any special information to the department concerned. The field department allows South Pacific Seeds New Zealand Ltd to meet any special requirements of the crop quickly with its specialised machinery. Our roguing teams check the fields to ensure purity. The seed-processing department cleans the seed to the highest standard and its quality is verified by our Quality Control before it is sent to the dispatch for bagging or boxing. Your vegetable seed is then shipped by air or sea.


We place productions with growers that show proven results from past productions for that area and who have reliable equipment and irrigation. This allows farmers to manage their crop rotations so that the best site is selected each year and the crop targets are achieved.

Field Agronomists

Our trained Regional Seed Production Specialists work with growers on site selection, isolations, soil fertility, irrigation and spraying recommendations. Each field process is organized and monitored by an Agronomist. Crops are monitored from the start to the finish and monthly reports are provided to our customers.

The ongoing relationships with South Pacific Seeds New Zealand Ltd and its growers have developed excellent cooperation, enabling us to meet crop needs quickly and efficiently.


Ensures up to date information is available for customers and any special requirements are met.

Field Department

A 'real point of difference' is the South Pacific Seeds NZ Ltd field department’s specialised equipment, which allows us to practically assist growers and meet the unique needs of specialty vegetable seed production. The operations that our department carries out to the highest international standard include; precision drilling, inter row spraying and cultivating, band spreading and male row removals.

South Pacific Seeds NZ Ltd is continuously working to improve our technology to exceed industry standards.


Each production is rogued by one of our trained roguing teams as per customer requirements to verify the purity of the crop.

Seed Processing

Crops are closely monitored from the time of threshing until they are received at our seed cleaning facility. Large capacity boxed dryers are available to dry the crop to contract requirements and for safe storage.

Each crop is sampled on arrival and our experienced technicians analyse every crop to provide the best cleaning procedure.

Our seed processing plant contains:

•    Six seed cleaning plants plus a lab plant
•    Spirals
•    Belt pod threshers
•    Colour sorter
•    Magnetic sorter to remove soil
•    Sizing
•    Seed treatments
•    Bagging or boxing

Each of our plants is controlled by a trained seed technician and an experienced shift supervisor. Our facility has 2,500 tons of storage capacity for your seed on site.  We have sufficient capacity to meet our customer requirements for cleaning and prompt delivery.

Seed Quality Control

Our own seed lab performs quality control checks on all seed in the cleaning process to ensure the most efficient results for each production. Our certified export seed inspectors allow South Pacific Seeds NZ Ltd to clear seed from site for export, resulting in faster clearance times. Our own germ testing gives customers up to date information on the quality of the cleaned seed.


South Pacific Seeds NZ Ltd will make all arrangements for shipped seed to meet the customer’s requirement for delivery time and shipping methods. South Pacific Seeds NZ Ltd’s own Quality Control ensures that all seed meets export regulations before dispatch for hassle free delivery.

We work directly with an export broker enabling your seed to be shipped quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Our central location means whether shipping by air or sea the port is only one hour away from dispatch.